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AMEC Earth & Environmental's Vancouver office was established in 1965. The office and laboratory facilities consist of 1300 m2 of office space, health and over 500 m2 of laboratory space. Total office staff is more than 60 people. The primary areas of service provided are geotechnical, environmental, mining, water resources and materials engineering.

Mr. Joshi has over 20 years experience in the United Kingdom and Canada in the construction materials field. For the past 20 years, he has been laboratory Quality Control Manager in AMEC's Vancouver branch. He has been responsible for consulting field evaluation and laboratory testing of a wide range of construction materials, including: Portland cement concrete, polymer concretes, shotcrete, fibre reinforced composites, plastics, soils, rock, aggregates and building stone, asphalt, metals, ceramics, insulators, refractories, roofing compounds, sealants and coatings. He has also conducted numerous physical tests on structural elements and components such as skylights, wood framed systems, metal connections, pipes, etc. Much of this work has required the development of innovative testing equipment and procedures.

Employee Profile: Prakash Joshi
By Lucy Meffe

Meet Prakash Joshi, a Senior Materials Engineering Technologist/Quality Control Manager in our Vancouver office. An AMEC employee for 27 years, he has demonstrated dedication to both AMEC and the industry.

Prakash came to Canada thirty years ago as a Ugandan refugee. “This is the best country in the world,” he states. As an active member of so many diversified organizations that make his community and our country a better place to live. Prakash can take some of the credit for that.

 He is the past President of the Society of Punjabi Engineers & Technicians (SPEATBC). He recently was presented with their Leadership Award, for outstanding service to the community from SPEATBC President Balbir Sidhu (see picture, left).

A council member on Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) – which is the decision making group for its 8,000 members province-wide. He is on the appeals and awards committee for the association. Prakash has also been a career week speaker within the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

A true humanitarian, over the years Prakash has participated in various social organizations. As chairperson for Friends of the Environment, from 1995-2000, Prakash demonstrated his dedication to the well being of the environment. He also participated with the organization ‘The Initiatives of Change,’ whose main initiative is to “Heal Canadian cities – hope in the cities.”

When asked why he gets involved, Prakash responded: “this is a personal thing. Not everyone likes to do this. For me it’s a win-win situation.

“The first time they asked me to be a laboratory manager of materials division – within one-and-half years of being in Canada – I laughed and said I don’t have managerial skills.

“I was told that they were looking for a person that likes to teach. Sharing and showing was part of my upbringing. I was used to having people come to my house at all hours of the day. I like to help. And it has helped me too – my job is great because I am doing what I love, teaching others.”

And thanks to Prakash’s love for teaching, BCIT chose him to teach night school at their facility. He said: “Some of these guys who I was teaching, later on became my clients. This has helped build clientele.

“If you look at what it has done, the exposure, through me – the SPEATBC, the ASTTBC, APEGBC (Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of British Columbia), BCIT, UBC and so on – they all know I’m with AMEC.” His role as a teacher has also included assignment at University of British Columbia (UBC) to post doctorate students.

“It helps market AMEC. AMEC doesn’t come on the television and say we sell this or that. We market in a different way.” He’s right; people in our industry know AMEC mainly because of employees like Prakash.

 He enjoys his influence within the industry and takes pride in marketing himself and AMEC. He was asked to judge student projects at both the UBC and for BCIT – which he enjoyed as he was able to both interact with the professors and scope out student for future hires!

Prakash is also a part-time journalist for “The Link,” a local Indo-Canadian Newsletter. He writes about peacemakers and had a chance to meet and write about the Dalai Lama during his last visit to Canada.

When asked how he time manages so well, Prakash responds that if you have a sincere desire to accomplish something, you will find time: “I have this philosophy; when you want to do something good in life, the Almighty makes time.”

Prakash says he has enjoyed his years as an AMEC employee. “AMEC gives you the opportunity and flexibility in terms of career. The career advancement that I’ve had and the flexibility AMEC gives me to be a part of the technical committees and the associations is why I enjoy working here. AMEC supports me with all that.”

Prakash added: “I think one of the main reasons too is my mentor. My guru is Dr Rusty Morgan who is an AMEC employee too – he’s the best mentor you could have. He treats you well, he is very well known because of his written work. I have learned a lot working side-by-side with him.”

For more info: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it    (Prakash Joshi  joined Metro Testing on January 21, 2008)

Caption: Prakash receives his Leadership Award from SPEATBC President, Balbir Sidhu

Caption: Prakrash mentors and assists students with their projects - he’s photographed here with a student from BCIT

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