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Description of METRO's Facilities and Services
Description of METRO's Facilities and Services

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Metro Testing Laboratories Ltd.
6991 Curragh Avenue
Burnaby, try BC
V5J 4V6



Metro Testing Laboratories Ltd. (Metro), founded in 1987, is a British Columbia employee owned company, which has expanded to ten regional offices: Abbotsford, Burnaby, Fort St. John, Kelowna, Salmon Arm, Squamish, Surrey, Sunshine Coast, Williams Lake and Whistler. The company is an association of professional engineers, technicians and inspectors dedicated to providing prompt accurate engineering, testing and inspection services.

As an Independent commercial testing company, our facilities conform to the Canadian Standards for Certified Concrete Testing Laboratories (CSA A28.3 Category II + Additional tests). Our concrete testing personnel have been certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) as required and the American Concrete Institute (ACI). Metro Testing Laboratories are pleased to announce that they are now certified Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) laboratories. This is a big step forward by us to show our commitment as to be up to date on the current procedures and requirements as they come about.

In our twenty year history as a service organization, we have successfully responded to the demands of our clients, industry standards, codes and specifications. Metro is keenly aware of today’s budgetary constraints and the demand for creative ideas, and innovative engineering and testing initiatives. We have been successful in providing reliable, high quality, cost saving services to clients, both in the private and public sector. Our continued growth is a measure of our success.

Metro’s personnel include professionals and technicians in the following fields:

  • Materials Engineering
  • Building Science Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Soils Testing and Inspection
  • Asphalt Testing and Inspection
  • Concrete and Shotcrete Testing and Inspection
  • Structural Steel Testing and Inspection
  • Roofing and Waterproofing Testing and Inspection
  • Fireproofing Testing and Inspection

Metro Testing Laboratories Ltd. offers services ranging from geotechnical services, evaluation of material deterioration and damaged buildings, parking structures, repair procedures to complete quality control assurance of new construction projects. Our expertise includes concrete and shotcrete mix design specifications and reviews, and materials approval.

Geotechnical services are provided though our partnership firm, GeoMedia Engineering Ltd. Services routinely provided include geotechnical investigations for major high-rise construction and underground facilities, and geotechnical seismic engineering. They have also carried out extensive terrain evaluation, feasibility studies and stability of slopes, site investigations and recommendations.

Below are examples of engineering services we offer:

  • Concrete and Shotcrete Mix Designs and Reviews
  • Shotcrete Nozzleman Training and Certification
  • Fibre Composite Consulting
  • Damage Analysis
  • Specification of Grouting, Crack Injection, Masonry Repair, Concrete Repair Shotcrete Repair and New Construction
  • Geotechnical Services
  • Condition Assessment of Heritage Buildings
  • Temporary and Permanent Stabilization of Shells of Heritage Buildings
  • Preparation of Quality Control Manuals for Construction and Repairs Projects
  • Prepare and Evaluate Specifications
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Quality Control Management
  • Quality Control Management for Rehabilitation and New Construction
  • Condition Assessments of Infrastructures

(Parkades, Marine Structures, Bridges, Water and Sewer Pipes)


Our field and laboratory testing and inspection of construction materials include:

  • Concrete Testing (CSA A283 Levels 0, I & II)
  • Full Time Testing and Monitoring of Concrete
  • Shotcrete Testing
  • Fibre Concrete and Fibre Shotcrete Testing
  • Fibre Composite Testing
  • Asphalt Sampling and Laboratory Testing
  • Asphalt Mix Design and Review Analysis
  • Pavement Monitoring for Mix Control, Placing Procedures & Compaction
  • Fire-proofing Thickness and Density Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Window Testing
  • Investigation of Problems and Failures
  • Provide On-Site Laboratory Facilities for Major Projects
  • Supervision and Testing of Compacted Fill
  • Benkelman Beam Testing and Analysis
  • Aggregate Quality Control Testing and Analysis
  • Petrographic Analysis of Aggregates
  • Non-Destructive Testing and Coring
  • Inspection of Concrete Post-Tensioning Systems
  • Stationary and Mobile Batch Plant Inspection
  • Calibration and Certification Services for Concrete, Roller-compacted Concrete, Asphalt Paving
  • Microscopy and Microphotography

Post Tension inspection varies depending on the size of the slab, amount of PT and the level of inspections required by the structural engineers. The scope of services for a typical PT slab of about 100 cubic meters concrete are as follows:

  • Observations regarding material handling and storage
  • Pre pour visit to ensure PT tendon placement in accordance with shop drawings
  • Pour monitoring to ensure protection of the PT tendons during concrete placement
  • In situ concrete strength determination by Lok Testing prior to stressing
  • Monitoring of strand pull force and corresponding elongation during stressing
  • Monitoring tendon end capping and patching after stressing operation
  • Supply of inserts and calibrated Lok test machine
  • Provide PT summary report at the end of each slab pour reviewed by a senior technologist or a professional engineer

Metro can provide inspection and testing for all phases of construction and conducts the necessary in-house supplemental testing. We have a proven track record from our work with major local contractors, engineering and architectural firms, as well as municipal and provincial government agencies.

Along with numerous pieces of testing equipment in the laboratory, Metro maintains a vehicle fleet of vehicles to transport personnel and equipment to conduct field sampling and on-site testing. We also have eight mobile laboratories which allow us to provide concrete, asphalt, aggregate and soils testing services for remote projects. Since the founding of our company, we have provided testing and inspection services to over six thousand projects in British Columbia.

It is a corporate policy that all staff are encouraged to participate in continuing education in applicable fields through company sponsored programs. The equipment used by our staff is on a regular calibration schedule. Procedures used in testing correspond to recognized specifications and are subject to our quality control program.


Metro Testing Laboratories Ltd. is a member of the following affiliations:

  • Canadian Technical Asphalt Association
  • Technical Committee B.C. Ready Mixed Concrete Association
  • American Concrete Association
  • Post-Tension Institute
  • P.M.I. Association
  • American Shotcrete Association.

Metro’s computer systems run custom-made software which has given us an excellent reputation for service and cost effectiveness with our clients in the construction industry.

In order to meet the demands of today’s technology, Metro was involved in creating a computer system, which is designed to manage our laboratory testing and reporting system.

The main data management system has been installed in our concrete division. The system is used to process and analyse test data, and create reports. Field copies of the report can be saved and returned for archiving and/or subsequent editing. Report output is generated on pre-printed forms and fully formatted graphical presentation when required. This system is fully integrated with our concrete, soils, asphalt and office divisions.

This system has been purchased by many local engineering and testing agencies as a necessary management asset for company and clients. It is also being installed by engineering and testing firms across Canada and the United States.

We have also introduced a concrete technician dispatching system, which has been specifically designed for Metro. This program monitors the concrete mixes ordered by the client and cross-references them with the pour location and the concrete strength specified on file. This assists the contractor to minimize occurrence of incorrect mixes being ordered and subsequently placed in the wrong locations.

Metro has made a corporate commitment to research and to continued upgrading of these systems.


Metro Testing Laboratories Ltd has fully qualified and certified engineers, field technicians and laboratory technicians who are available at short notice to address any engineering or testing requirements that fall within our areas of expertise. Metro’s principals and associates are well recognized for their technical expertise and dedication to client satisfaction. The staff consists of technologists and professional engineers in the field of materials testing and engineering. Below is a partial list of our personnel and the calibre and expertise that we have at our disposal.



Harry Watson, C.Tech (Principle) CSA ACI PTI 35 years
William Toy, PEng (Principle) Senior Materials Eng. PTI 27 years
Neil McAskill, AScT (Principle) Senior Materials Specialist 36 years
Roland Heere, PEng (Principle) Senior Materials Specialist 17 years
Rod Shelast, AScT (Principle) Senior Materials Specialist 22 years
Cengiz Guldemet, PEng Materials Engineer 14 years
Maninder Gill, PEng Materials Engineer 8 years
Des Gou, P.Eng Materials Engineer 11 years
Paul Hii, BSc Eng (Principle) CSA PTI 20 years
Kenny Siu, PEng CSA PTI 29 years
Darryl Grandberg, P.Eng (Principle) Geotechnical Engineer 17 years
Chander Khosla, M.A.Sc., P.Eng Materials Engineer 31years


Curtis Syrnyk, Dip C Tech (Principle) CSA ACI PTI 18 years
Glen Pederson, AScT Senior Materials Technologist 30 years
Ron Alvaro, Dipl.Civ.T. CSA ACI PTI 18 years
Richard Humphries CSA 17 years
Sudeshdath Sharma, Dip Hwy T CSA ACI PTI 15 years
Uri Lipshitz, AScT CSA ACI 13 years
Norm Mercier CSA 12 years
Greg Wilson CSA ACI PTI 29 years





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