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"Mapara" (class 67) Prakash Joshi (class 68), viagra Nalin Joshi class 66), Vaaz (2002-London)


Prakash Joshi, Uday Patel, Dhiru Dave, Vishram Hirani and Raju Patel > London, U.K. (2002)








Pratikha and Arvind Patel - Prakash and Darshana Joshi



Toronto Kololo School Reunion 2000 > Class '68

Back: Punnag Hazarika, Milton Carrassco and Lala Patni

Front: Prakash Pradhan, Bipin Metha, Harminder Sandhu, Prakash Joshi and Azim Abdulla




Prakash Joshi, after "A" Levels at Kololo in 1970, joined his younger brother, Jyotindra in England for further studies. Due to the exodus his parents, Vinod and Indu Joshi landed in Beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He joined them in 1973 and worked for sometime before completing his studies and graduating from B.C.I.T. in 1976.

Prakash works as a Senior Materials Engineering Consultant with Metro Group in Burnaby, BC, Canada.The following excerpt of his profile was published in ASTTBC newsletter:"Prakash Joshi believes in making a contribution to his community. He is a director (presently chair) of the Canada Trust 'Friends of the Environment' in Burnaby which allots money to local groups for community projects. When the Society of Punjabi Engineers and Technologists of British Columbia was formed as a networking and support group, Prakash stepped forward as a Public relations officer (Past-President). He is an accomplished musician and singer, in classical Indian tradition. Prakash frequently contributes to the local Indo-Canadian newspaper, writing about the materials needed in the human spirit and heart in bringing a non-violent approach to the question of how we live together on this earth. 'I like helping in any way that I can' he says.
The Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC also benefits from Prakash's philosophy when he volunteers to be a guest speaker at student career nights, organized by ASTTBC."



Kololo School Mini-Reunion - 2011

Prakash, Darshana, Mr/Mrs Pradeep Patni (2011)

Prakash, Raju and Pankaj Patel (London, U.K - 2011)

The Carrassco's , Joshi's and Bhojwani's, Vancouver, BC -2010

Tejinder Singh Hunz and Prakash on top of Burnaby Mountain,

overlooking Vancouver, BC

Carrassco and Joshi family with visiting Tej/Inderjeet (Jiti) and "kids"




Prakash Joshi (Ready for London !) and Avinash Kotecha, Kololo, Kampala, 1971

Nalin Joshi, Jyotindra Joshi and Pradeep Patni (Brighton - 1971)

Vishram Hirani (London, U.K. 1971)




Mountaineering Club-Kololo

Kololo Senior Secondary School " A" Level -1970

Mount Elgon -1967

Kololo School Reunion, London, England (2002)




Arvind Patel (class '68), Herman Desouza ('66), Prakash Joshi ('68), Lala Patnni (' 68) , Azim Abdulla ('68)

Kololo School Reunion -2000 (Toronto, Canada)

My name is missing: Prakash Joshi, Third from top, second from right.


Prakash Joshi, ( ? ), Kalpana Vasani, Harshad Patel, Yassien Jamal, Prabkirat Seyan (Buvuma Island 1969)




New Library and Raval's Hall









Canteen and Geography Building

Entrance leading to Main Square

From canteen Ground towards main office


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